Prof. Yulong Ding

Chamberlain Chair of Chemical Engineering

University of Birmingham


Specialising in thermal energy conversion and storage and liquid air energy storage, as well as integration of these technologies for multi-energy-vector provision including ammonia and hydrogen.


Yulong is the founding Chamberlain Chair of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and director of Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage. He is a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers, a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, and a chartered chemical engineer. He invented liquid air energy storage technology and led the initial stage of the technology development and validation, which is commercialised by Highview Power. He developed composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage and associated large-scale manufacture technologies, leading to large scale commercial applications with a total installation of 300+ MW / 1.2+ GWh so far. His work on the passive cooling container technology for cold chain transportation has started commercial demonstration with 100+ tons cold storage materials used in demonstration. His expertise related to ammonia lies in process engineering (unit operation and system integration and optimisation) of ammonia synthesis (including hydrogen production), ammonia cracking, and fuelling process.