Dr. Matt Ives

Senior Research Associate in Complex Systems Economic Modelling

University of Oxford Smith School


Matt is interested in all technologies that will enable us to accelerate us to a net-zero world and sees green ammonia as an extremely promising and available solution for energy storage and potentially transport.


Dr Matthew Ives is an economist and complex systems modeller currently working on the Oxford Martin Post-Carbon Transition Programme. This programme is focussed on developing solutions to climate change through an understanding of sensitive intervention points in our socioeconomic systems that can enable rapid reductions in emissions. Through this programme Matthew is developing a suite of economic models based on complexity science, combining his experience in systems modelling with his passion for sustainability. Dr Ives previously worked both in the private and public sectors on a diverse range of programmes related to sustainability. His past research has included assessing national decarbonisation pathways in the UK; modelling long-term infrastructure strategies for water, energy, waste and transport for the UK and the United Nations; working on sustainability indicators for the US Forest service; and modelling fisheries in Australia.