Norman Wijker

Chief Technology Officer

Samad Aerospace


Applying ammonia as an energy storage solution for commercial flight in either SOFC or hybrid applications.


Norman is an aeronautical engineer. He graduated from Cranfield University in 1987 and worked initially for the MoD before moving to Edgely Aeronautics. Most of his career has been in and around Airbus Bristol, either at Airbus, GKN or contract houses around and about. He also spent a stint at Boeing. His main activities have been around structures, but in 2001 he started Team Invictus to design and build a C class catamaran for "little Americas Cup". He is now CTO at Samad Aerospace, who are developing hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft.  He is also consulting on an optional powerplant aircraft and leading his own project called EcoLiner, for a 19 seat fully electric aircraft. Ammonia has been of interest since his FPO days at Airbus.